Smart as Paint, dead as a…rabbit

The hall continues to be repainted now I know the right paint colour for the walls. Looks a lot smarter !

However, I have also started painting my figures again, and I chose a nice easy way back in to ensure I didn’t continue to procrastinate again.

Yes, Eric !
The Kharibdyss.
I checked the Dark Elf Army book for inspiration, and decided to go pretty much with GW’s colour scheme. It also helps that the blue underside will help to tie it in with the rest of the army (eg Witch Elves’ hair colour).

Unfortunately, I got interrupted yesterday whilst uploading the pictures. The usual kerr thump of a cat coming through the kitchen window (it was open, honest) and then the soup dragon purring of BlackJack filled the study. So I looked down to find that BlackJack had helpfully brought me a rabbit he had caught. So I tossed the still warm corpse back out of the window, only for BlackJack to bring back my present.

At this point I also learnt something new, a rabbit killed by a cat tends to empty its bladder. So I now had a leaking rabbit corpse to dispose of for good. Good job the cleaner is coming tomorrow. And people wonder why I don’t fit a cat flap. I’d forever be finding the decaying remains of one of the cats’ victims.

More scenery for undercoating. First Corps Russian thatched cabin (and shed). Being undercoated along with Eric’s two Beastmaster handlers. This means I should have enough scenery for my next BoB Big Game on the 31st May which is now getting close.

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