A busy week

No new postings here this week for a number of reasons.

  • Monday – Thursday every evening I have been out attending a community event. Community Newsletter, Parish Council, Sub Contractor, and Action Group to save the P.O.
  • During the day I’ve been painting the house, not the figures.
  • and been varnishing the scenery I’ve done, none to exciting I may add.

BlackJack being intimidated by the new sheep and lambs in the field behind me.

The builders having painted the kitchen/hall doorway, showed up the deterioration of the paint work in the house.

So as you can see I am now having to paint the rest of the hall gloss work, which shows up the damage to the walls, and its all open plan with the lounge, stairs and landing…

So I have been round DIY shops getting tester pots for the wall paint as it is not Magnolia.

In the meantime I have watched a certain film several times…

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