Mission Achieved

To borrow a phrase: “Yes we can“.

In 24 hours an appeal to raise money to wipe out a young man’s debt – the cause of his suicide attempt – has been achieved. £600 is diddly squat in the grand scheme of things, but a £30 interest charge PER DAY must have been a big problem.

As I commented:


In 24 hours we have raised the money required to clear his debts, that were the cause of his actions. This reflects very well on forum members and their care for each other.

As an irregular poster I wasn’t sure how much support I could drum up. As stated, I have never met nor conversed with Sean but know he is a regular and has had a difficult few months. (And I’ve only conversed with Angela his gf in the last 36 hours and never met her) With my own personal experience I thought it appropriate to do something.

Now having dropped off some donations to Help the Aged this morning, normal service will be resumed, so I’m off to steal a child’s favourite toy, and take the last pennies from a blind beggar’s bowl.

Thanks once again.

If any of the followers of this blog contributed – THANK YOU.
I don’t know who contributed other than those who publicly proclaimed their support on the Steve Dean forum because this is not coming in to any account I have sight of. The total raised was more than £600 so Sean will be able to pay off the interest and start with a +ve bank balance. Ace Sculptor Paul Hicks has also bought a lottery ticket with a prize of nearly £3k, so there is hope Sean will not only have paid off his debts but will have money for the future.

If I can do it, you can do it.

As The March Violets commented in the notes for The Botanic Verses: Now fuck off and do something creative.

I have more scenery and figures to paint, a book to review and a film to watch again and review so stand by for some more original postings.

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