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Over £300 have been donated by the gents at the Steve Dean Forum in under 12 hours to clear this guy’s financial problems. Nearly all donors have declined the offer of a professionally painted figure. We only need another £300 so his gf can go see him tomorrow in the hospital and tell him his financial woes are over.

I should probably post an update on what figures I’ve painted. Instead today has been spent posting stuff about a guy I’ve never met. His name is Sean Davis. Due to personal circumstances, he attempted suicide. Due to my own circumstances where my wife committed suicide I’ve decided to help out.

As forum members will have seen Sean Davis is in a bit of a pickle and has attempted suicide. With only £600 debt to pay off, it seems that with a bit of efforts his friends and members of this forum could easily help him pay off this small amount of debt.

In discussion with his gf Angela, I suggested that we have a whip round to pay off his debt and ease this burden on him. I suggested £10 donation and if only 60 gents did so he’d be a free man. In return Sean will paint a figure for each donor.

This has now been amended to £5 donation, and Sean will paint a figure for you (at Sean’s suggestion).

I’m writing this plea for help, as my wife committed suicide some 10 years ago and I would not wish this sort of hell on anyone. I have never met or conversed with Sean and have no financial gain here. When Tom Rommel got flooded out a few years back, many people including me donated paint and model supplies. This is a far more serious situation and I think the community here can easily rise to this challenge.

Obviously, no time limit on the painted figure. Sean has said he will paint anything.


Please send Sean a Gift via Paypal to:

…with your choice of figure…

The sooner the better due to the odious interest charges on his debt (£30 per day)


We have already raised £160 in six hours. Its only £600 in total so please pledge some money to help him out of this.

As I commented:

Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem.

Thank you.

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