Hairdresser extraordinaire

Yesterday I bought my first can of hair spray in probably two decades or more. It wasn’t for my own full head of hair though. Not content with grooming my scenery, I was now intent on hairdressing it.

A generic own brand hair spray to try and ‘fix’ the trees I bought last month. I asked around various forums and hairspray was suggested as the best way forward to prevent scenery ‘shedding’ bits. So I experimented on the trees I bought last month. Though they had already been sprayed with varnish they were still shedding. I applied 3 coats of spray from all angles on to one of the trees, and then sprayed it again with varnish. This seems to make a big improvement. Squeezing the rubberised horse hair of the canopy, will still result in shedding but it is greatly reduced compared to before.

So I’ll now be spraying all such scenery with hair spray.

Talking of hair, or fur….

Spades checked out his medicaments for his predicament.

I stopped off at the vets to pick up his repeat prescription. As commented ealrier, he has been stressed out by the builders and over-groomed himself removing most of his fur (Psychogenic Alopecia). As well as steroid injections every 6-8 weeks the vets have prescribed a food supplement for him and this (along with absence of builders) now seems to have turned the corner with his fur regrowing. Rather than stubbly and sharp to stroke, his flanks are now softer to touch as the fur grows back.

Now I am more knowledgeable about cat fur, and several hundred pounds poorer. I don’t think I’ll be using hair spray on him though.

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