More Variant Scenery

Other than films its been a bit quiet here in Carcosa for several reasons. However, I did hint at the use of the offcuts from the coir mats that I carved up for fields. Waste not want not.

So I took the offcuts, chopped them up further still, and used them as reeds/long grass stands for some more CD scenery bases. I glued them straight on to the bases, so that the flock and static grass would cover up the thicker black rubber base.

Suitably based for BoB, AVBCW, Warhammer or eventually my AWI project. Again a cheap and easy variant on just green billiard board scenery and even just duo-tone bushes. It also makes it look more scrubbier than just simple green bushes.

I think they look good, and will be mixing in a lot of other scenery pieces with these offcuts for variety. As mentioned I have some more tree trunks, and these will be next on the list of things to do.

The new CDs were also used to finish off basing the trees I had bought. So in the space of 4 days I had finished off all of Byakhee Richard’s CDs, and have started in on the ones I got via Freecycle. I’ll be doing half a dozen (or more) of these bases for each of the genres I game, plus some for Byakhee JP. So that’d be about 30 bases in total. Hence the need for lots of free CDs !

Skip diving Byakhee Roo is round this evening to remove the last of the builders’ material from the garage which means I will finally be able to varnish all these items (I’ve got 20+ bases to seal).

Then I can reclaim my kitchen and get on with the AVBCW unit I have based coated – a bunch of shot gun toting nutters from Gripping Beast, Hasselfree and others.

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