Freecycle – lots of CDs for scenery

As mentioned last week I ran out of the free CDs I use to base lots of scenery on. At the same tile, the builders had left behind a pile lof spare tiles in my garage which I needed to get rid of. Obviously no one is “selling” the free CDs you get on magazine fronts, nor would I be able to make a packet selling a small amount of tiles. The alternative taking them to the tip would be annoying.

So I finally joined up with Freecycle which enables people to freely give away or collect items locally, that have no real economic value, but are nonetheless are still useful and shouldn’t be consigned to land fill.

Today I picked up 16 CDs from Byakhee Rich, which would be used up by the end of this week.

Having advertised on Freecycle, I had an offer of c150 (!) CDs from a village down the road from me (5 minutes drive), so I picked them up – that’ll keep me going for some time. When I got home after this free bonanza, a hair cut and other chores, the postie delivered some more tree stumps from Urban Construct that I’d ordered. In my continuing fit of altruism and self interest I’d order more of them so I can dress 3 tables, and let Byakhee JP have some for his collection.

And the tiles were taken after a single day ! So my garage is almost emptied of left over building materials and I can get back to sorting it out and using it for spraying and painting all those CDs.

I recommend Freecycle for clearing out excess stuff, and getting the stuff you actually want. Plus its environmentally friendly. And it avoids skip diving, which Byakhee Roo practices. 😉

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