Film: The Addams Family, and The Addams Family Values

For a treat I picked up The Addams Family on DVD yesterday. I had the sequel The Addams Family Values but had neglected the original. I was in the mood for some comedy. Dark and twisted as I like it.

At Xmas, my parents (!) had started to show me some kids cartoon film, I think it was How to train your dragon, or some such nauseating s***, and whined when I refused to watch it. It suddenly dawned on me they really don’t get the difference in our tastes, and this was most comedically exemplified by Wednesday’s (Addams) attitude in the films, especially when she is made to watch Disney films at the summer camp.

I particularly liked her attempt at smiling which frightened the other kids. Though telling the kitten to shut up whilst burying it was also amusing (not that I am advocating such behaviour….hmmm….).

Anyhow, these two films were fun to watch after such a long time and have lasted the test of time with laugh our loud moments and full of good quotes (sorry Byakhees, more one liner signatures to come).

Raul Julia’s almost eye popping performance was great. Christiopher Lloyd and Angelica Huston were great too. Lurch was a bit underused. Still all good macabre fun.

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