Do I now need to groom my buildings ?

The third 4 Ground building is complete and I think it needs some grooming (see below) ! Yes this is the Polish rural dwelling with the teddy bear fur thatched roof.

I ordered a second set of these buildings as I was so impressed, and having two 12×6 tables to dress in June thought I might need them. I also ordered a pot of their “bleached wood” paint as the one downside of these MDF kits is the joints, especially for the roofs are noticeable.

Now you see them….

Now you don’t !

The paint pot is standard Citadel/Foundry/Coat d’Arms style and fits in exactly with their pre painted kits.

All three buildings built, based and painted. In the background, are some more CD bases that I have done for Byakhee JP, so I don’t have to carry all my stuff round his place when he hosts – altruism and self interest merged into one. Sadly I have run out of cheap CDs to create more bases and have a load of ideas for new scenery I can create.

Next I should get back to painting some miniatures.

2 Responses to Do I now need to groom my buildings ?

  1. Roo says:

    Looking good maybe a little thinned pva on the thatch and a quick run through with a comb

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