BoB: Here’s one someone else did earlier

The adrenaline rush that kept me going through the stress of the builders and then the AVBCW Big Game ran out back end of last week, so I took a break and apsent half my time asleep.

I did however get round to some trees. I bought ten of them from Jon & Diane Sutherland and they’d arrived the day before the Big Game, so didn’t feature. As I am planning a BoB Big Game in June, I thought I’d get them out.

They came on square bases that were quite thick and didn’t fit into my standard style of basing. So off they came. I’d said I was going to do this whilst buying them so I knew they’d been glue gunned onto the bases.

Using a foul mix of superglue and all purpose glue I stuck them onto my standard CD bases. Though BlackJack’s Satanic glare may have helped…

Before and after. Of course the first one I did was the smallest tree, as you can see.

Five of them done up. I have now run out of the free CDs and have asked the Byakhees for more. I estimate I have done over 100 such bases in the last couple of years.

Then I finished off the second 4 Ground building, the Ukrainian Rural building.

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