AVBCW: A Royal Mitre Exchange 4

On Table 2 the high tide of the BUF advance:

They got as far as the first line of defences.

The Anglicans advanced in response. They also did a deal with the Socialists, who moved off to help their comrades on Table 1.

But the BUF melted away as they came under fire as the fog lifted. One section was lost entirely, and another lost a third of its troops.

Table 3 and having decimated the BUF infantry of Captain Arrowsmith, Sir Gilbert’s forces surge foward with the unharmed steam powered armoured car whose HMG had trapped the BUF cavalry in woods out of harm’s way.

Captain Arnett’s tank moves forward, but it is too little too late.

The other BUF forces bug out ! Captain Arrowsmith expresses his frustration at being given a spoiling attack and not a proper mission befitting his status.

But he enjoys one last victory (in the last turn of the game) knocking out Sir Gilberts armoured car that he had failed to damage for the entire game !

On Table 2 the BUF consolidate their positions following their withdrawal.

Whilst the Royalists still don’t open fire on the Anglican League as they advanced…

And on Table 1 the socialists emboldened by reinforcements advance towards the retreating Royalists.

Who dug in…

The End

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