AVBCW: A Royal Mitre Exchange 3

On Table 1:

The Socialists advanced beyond their barricade in order to catch the Royalist vehicles hoping they contained the errant Bishop of Hereford. However, the Royalists were sticking around and drove them back.

Unfortunately, the Royalists landed a mortar bomb in a field of corm, enraging the local farm labourers – members of the Twiggy Mommet movement. Lo and behold, dressed as scarecrows they turned up to help the Socialists drive the Royalists off.

On Table 2, the BUF crossed the railway embankment under the cover of the fog.

And then in the next turn opened fire with their rocket launcher once the fog had cleared.

But despite a very large template effect, did very little damage – 2 casualties to the AL.

Who were falling back from the traitorous Socialists (but at least giving as good as they got !).

Table 3, Captain Arrowsmith’s headlong attack had ground to a halt. A lucky shot disabled his tank, and a continuous barrage of fire had lead to his cavalry seeking shelter in a wood and his depleted infantry taking more casualties.

He was pinned down and bracketed by fire from Sir Gilberts men, and the AL.

Meanwhile Captain Arnett dvanced his two tanks and a tank duel ensued with the AL tank, but in the end the BUF tanks prevailed. But it did mean the BUF infantry culdn’t cross the open ground against HMGs.

The BUF tanks having silenced the AL tank, caught several squads of Al infantry on the lane…Now you see them…

Now you don’t…

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