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A bit of a mish mash today.

Another picture of Byakhee Stuart’s brushmanship:

I mentioned.ages ago I was doing a joint painting project with my 8 year old daughter. She did the basic colours and chose them and I just tarted them up a bit. I took a load of snaps today but they’re all pretty terrible apart from the Lothern Sea Guard.

He described them as “fruit salad Elves”.

Meanwhile I’ve been doing some projects for Saturday when Byakhee JP & I are holding another Big Game.

A set of gravestones for a graveyard. Renedra pieces assembled, nice and cheap but good value. These will be ideal for AVBCW games, and will compliment the Hovels Church I have.

Byakhee JP posted his version of our two games from the week before last claiming it was “the dice wot done it”, what is it about workmen blaming their tools ?

Talking of workmen….

The state of the utility room for much of the preceeding weeks. The fridge/freezer, washing machine were sitting in the middle of the kitchen floor when this photo was taken.

The boiler broke down, so an insurance claim was filed, the floor ripped up etc etc etc. Its been a major headache since October 2013. The first floor that was relaid (kitchen, utility & WC – the tiles were all the same and the insurance policy called for a ‘like for like’ replacement) broke up, so for the last month the builders have been back relaying the floor after a four way bun fight between the insurers, builders, tilers and suppliers. The plumbers (sub contractors to the builders) have been back 5 times to variously fix radiator leaks, boiler leaks etc.

Due to all of the mistakes and mishaps, the builders have ended up having to redecorate all three rooms even though the actual leak only marginally affected the utility room. They finished yesterday. This is why I have not been as productive as normal in painting figures – early starts to accommodate the builders, negotiating what needs to be done etc….

My cleaner, Val, insisted that I take a picture after her efforts to put the kitchen back together again today. On top of this I have been preparing for the next AVBCW Big Game on Saturday (8th March), thankfully JP has stepped up and taken on a lot of the preperations during the last two weeks (thanks Jon).

Meanwhile, one cat has got stressed and is suffering from Psychogenic Alopecia but his brother doesn’t care…

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