WHFB: 2014 02 01 Battle – Empire & Dwarves vs Orcs & Dark Elves – Part 1

We had another game this Saturday, with four players: Anthony; Gavin A; Rich; and me.

Respectively: Dwarves; Orcs, Empire; and Dark Elves.

Drk Elves & Orcs deploy. We started with relatively good light, but as the gale moved in the light deteriorated so apologies for varying light levels !

Already I realised I’d mucked my deployment up and got units fouled up with each other.

Both sides refused a flank, except for the hippygriff conga line.

Empire k-nigits (who smell of hamsters and elderberries)

The Dwarves huddle together against the superior foe… 😉

Whilst my Cold On Knights (CoK) “encourage” the Night Goblin horde forwards…

Goblinoid animosity, wrecked the careful plans, and the Night Goblins surged foward, released the fanatics in their midst, lost nearly half their numbers and attacked the advancing hippygriffs. Throwing caution to the wind my Dark Riders eyeballed the White Wolves in support and shot them…for few casualties.

The Night Goblins were crushed and the hippygriffs advanced. The Dark Riders did a feigned flight behind the Savage Orcs…

The White Wolves charged the Savage Orcs with predictable results.

And another charge, with less predictable results !

Harboth trashedhisenemy in a challenge, and the unit held.

The alliance between Dark Elf and Orc crumbled though.

But the fast cavalry were loose !

Orc Hoody

We had a game of WHFB yesterday, and whilst I am editing the pictures, here’s something we worked on during the game:

An old Citadel Fantasy Tribes era Orc with a funky hood on. It had lost the end of its spear (back then the lead alloy used was fairly soft by today’s standards), so Rich and I drlled the hand out and added in a steel pin and based it so that Gav would have a unique Battle Standard Bearer.

Obviously someone else had the same idea c1986:

Cartoon from the Third Citadel Compendium.