Denial of Area

No new posts because the builders are back. The new floor they laid in November fell apart, with the tiles shifting and cracking within weeks. A three way bun fight then emerged between the builders, tilers and suppliers. They’re all taking a hit. Last week the builders came back and ripped up the floor.

boiler 40

So my kitchen, utility and WC are all floorless, the cats’ stuff is in the back of the lounge, along with the kitchen chairs and other gubbins. The house is a mess !

Today the tilers turned up and found the flooring is moving too much, so it all needs screwing down before they can start putting the tiles down.

Unsurprisingly, not much painting has been done, whilst I try and supervise this chaos !

I have however built “the famous five”, more of which later.

Film: Oblivion

Recently I picked up the DVD of Oblivion cheap. I’m not a fan of Tom Cruise, and spent most of my time watching The War of the Worlds remake wishing his charcter and family to die. However, for £5 I thought it a risk worth taking.

oblivion 1

I was pleasantly surprised. So much so that before writing this, I thought I’d go back and watch it again, just in case I’d had too much to drink, or my memory had been altered by the cats/aliens.

oblivion 2

Cruise’s character is a drone repair engineer. Not a superhero. The story unfolds with him doing just that, nothing glamorous. However, it is obvious that something is odd in this post apocalyptic world (I won’t elaborate on the story here, too repetitive).

The best thing about this film is the scenery and hard sci-fi elements. It’s also enjoyable because it is not a re-boot, re-imagining or re-make. The scenery is stunning, and in contrast to most sci-fi, its done in really sunny and light camera shots.

oblivion 3

The least believable (for me) bit was the “tower”, you’d need some seriously strong materials to cope with wind shear, or some futuristic technology. Good CGI and camera shots however allowed me to suspend disbelief and enjoy the spectacle.

Much to my surprise I really enjoyed this film. Only downside was it left me with questions about the principle antagonist. Maybe a sequel ?

If you can get it cheap this is a good film and gets a thumbs up from me. 🙂

Some new items For Sale

Having sold some Orcs this month I now need to shift some more, so the For Sale page has been updated.

One of the local buzzards popped in yesterday, using the gate post, which is right outside my study window (sad it flew off before I could photo it), and today using the garden fence at the back, which I did manage to photo !

More sales of Orcs and Ogres in the next week, pre-slotta to modern plastics.

WHFB: 2014 02 01 Battle – Empire & Dwarves vs Orcs & Dark Elves – Part 2

We took a break at 7pm to get the takeaway curry in (thanks Gav !).

Whilst Gav was out, I manned his bolt throwers and ironically rolled more casualties in that turn than he had in the game. Mind you…

RXB unit hold the Hippygriffs for another round ! Before succumbing…
The Dwarf miners also were a threat.

The Dark Riders and Warlocks are loose in the back behind the Empire line and bearing down on the Dwarves.
Meanwhile the surviving hippygriffs turned round and massacred the Shades. The Dwarf Miners then moved in to chew up the Orc bolt thrower crews.

The Dark Riders take on the White Wolves. This was going to be a defeat for me, but the Dark Riders had nothing else to do other than tie up a big unit of Empire Cavalry for another round and inflict a couple of casualties. Inevitably, they were defeated and ran off the board…

Harboth’s Black Mountain Boys, joined by the Shaman on Wyvern hold the line against the Reiksguard and second unit of Hippygriffs, to be joined with a flank attack by the CoK unit ! The CoK destroyed the hippygriff unit but were left in limbo, so did an abrupt about turn to face the White Wolves.

CoK vs White Wolves.

The White Wolves blink and go the other way.

The Harpies take on the Grudge Thrower, they are eventually driven off but silence the machine for a couple of rounds.

The Empire Wizard causes a calamitous detonation wiping out 17 Hammerers, just as the CoK unit appear before them….

The game finished just before 9pm. We agreed it was a draw. The Empire and Orc armies had wiped each other out, leaving the Dwarves and Dark Elves on the table. Neither of these were in a winning position. A good time was had by all.

WHFB: 2014 02 01 Battle – Empire & Dwarves vs Orcs & Dark Elves – Part 1

We had another game this Saturday, with four players: Anthony; Gavin A; Rich; and me.

Respectively: Dwarves; Orcs, Empire; and Dark Elves.

Drk Elves & Orcs deploy. We started with relatively good light, but as the gale moved in the light deteriorated so apologies for varying light levels !

Already I realised I’d mucked my deployment up and got units fouled up with each other.

Both sides refused a flank, except for the hippygriff conga line.

Empire k-nigits (who smell of hamsters and elderberries)

The Dwarves huddle together against the superior foe… 😉

Whilst my Cold On Knights (CoK) “encourage” the Night Goblin horde forwards…

Goblinoid animosity, wrecked the careful plans, and the Night Goblins surged foward, released the fanatics in their midst, lost nearly half their numbers and attacked the advancing hippygriffs. Throwing caution to the wind my Dark Riders eyeballed the White Wolves in support and shot them…for few casualties.

The Night Goblins were crushed and the hippygriffs advanced. The Dark Riders did a feigned flight behind the Savage Orcs…

The White Wolves charged the Savage Orcs with predictable results.

And another charge, with less predictable results !

Harboth trashedhisenemy in a challenge, and the unit held.

The alliance between Dark Elf and Orc crumbled though.

But the fast cavalry were loose !

Orc Hoody

We had a game of WHFB yesterday, and whilst I am editing the pictures, here’s something we worked on during the game:

An old Citadel Fantasy Tribes era Orc with a funky hood on. It had lost the end of its spear (back then the lead alloy used was fairly soft by today’s standards), so Rich and I drlled the hand out and added in a steel pin and based it so that Gav would have a unique Battle Standard Bearer.

Obviously someone else had the same idea c1986:

Cartoon from the Third Citadel Compendium.