WHFB: Dark Riders Storage

Having built and painted the new unit of plastic Dark Riders, I went to store them and found I had no suitable foam trays.

Any gamer worth their salt wants to store their lovingly painted figures properly to avoid damage and chipping the paint jobs. With the move to plastics and more realistic proportions (read thinner) of spears and lances the chances of the plastic snapping increases.

d-riders 15

So I went off and ordered some more foam trays from KR Multicases, who do foam trays that fit GW carry cases (see below). This is a 30mm deep pick and pluck tray, so I can pretty much tear chuncks out of the foam to fit each model individually.

d-riders 16

Just a few simple cuits with the scissors and the figure sits in snugly, so less chance its going to get damaged.

d-riders 18

The whole unit of 10 riders in a single tray. I’ll be doing the same with the Doomfire Worlocks that I finished off last week – I bought 3 of these trays.

d-riders 17

The downside (environmentally) is the pile of left over foam. Luckily, one of the Byakhees uses it to line his nest, sorry, his armies’ trays. This may be a future posting from him.

I only buy the foam trays from KR, I do have a couple of their card carry cases for the Laserburn stuff (helps differentiate it).This is not because its not robust, its just I have invested (“sunk capital” as accountants refer to it) into the GW plastic cases. However I am now swapping trays of figures in and out of these cases, on the few times I play at other locations.

The other good point of KR Cases, are that they do foam trays of varying depth, so as I have been building the larger kits for my DE army I have been able to find the right depth of each foam tray to accommodate the models This is something GW don’t offer.

2 Responses to WHFB: Dark Riders Storage

  1. Ruarigh Dale says:

    How do you find the KR foam trays? I had some but thought they were too soft and squidgy so I could not stack lots of lead-filled trays on top of each other without squishing and potentially damaging the bottom layers.

    • Not noticed this as a problem.
      I think the base is a bit too thin but not had a great problem. I would use the top layer to strengthen the bottoms if need be. The only issue I have had is when picking the trays up they’re a bit “bendy”….

      As noted due to the preponderance of plastic these days I haven’t used them for purely metal figures.

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