WHFB: Totally Armed

I popped in  to GW and picked up the missing arm and a few more.

b-guard 8

The GW manager opened up a fresh box to clip the arm for me after I’d showed him the sprues I had.

Turns out that (assuming the entire batch wasn’t duff), you can’t actually make 10 Black Guard all the same. The assumption is that you will make a command squad 6 identical troopers and one trooper with a different arm. There has been some comment about the lack of options in some of the other GW kits recently. I’ll be going through the Witch Elf/Sisters of Slaughter box very carefully. But it does seem like GW are making kits that are less flexible than before. Which is a retrograde step.

To be fair, the GW manager after discussing this and opening up the box clippeed off the arms I needed for the second boxed set I bought (so I can make a unit of 20). Now I have spare command bitz that I don’t want…

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  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    Newer GW boxes are a bit strange. I just cracked open my Black Knights / Hexwraiths boxes to find that you can (obviously) make one or the other unit type as desired, but the bizarre thing is that this isn’t just a matter of a head or arm choice, the only common part between the units is in fact the horses! So if I can lay my hands on other suitable mounts, the second unit is free… which sounds great, until you think that I’m paying for 40% of the parts in the box that I don’t really need.

    I also found, like you have, that the newer kits can be a bit limiting in assembly choices, Nothing a sharp knife, a bitz box and some bloody-mindedness can’t solve though!

    In practice, I suspect the plastic sprues cost GW bugger all compared to packaging, handling and all the other costs of retail goods, and that the reason for making all their kits multi-purpose is to cut down on the really expensive bit: making the master molds for injection moulded plastics.

  2. Undoubtedly the multi-kit option helps reduce their costs in terms of inventory, storage, packaging, handling and tooling. Given their recent dire profits and stock price they’re having to tightly control all the costs and cash flow.

    What I find strange is you can’t build a basic unit of 10 of the same figure, yet there are loads of superfluous components on the sprue – I had enough pieces for 2 command units for instance.

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