WHFB: Black Guard – Occasionally ‘Armless

Somewhat delayed due the storms cutting my power for all of yesterday PM, I finally finished off assembling the Dark Elf Blackguard:

b-guard 5

Much better at ranking up in a unit, if somewhat stiff and unimaginative in the single pose offered. I used the arm with severed head for the champion instead of the pointy fingered arm.

b-guard 6

For some reason I was one arm short for the rank and file, and looking at the sprues seems I’ve got a command sprue too many. I phoned the local GW store and am going in at the w/e to get a replacement (and an extra box). As I joked with the GW manager I couldn’t field the unit lest I have endless jibes about Black Guard being armless.

b-guard 7

I’ve decided to weight all the bases of plastic figures from now on.

A nice array of component bitz has been harvested in the meantime. 🙂

These look compatible wuth the CoK which are next up…I’m really fed up of piles of sprues of unfinished models !

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