The end of the year, and the year to come

The last year.

No, I missed my target of 900 painted figures, I got to 855 painted figures in total.

I didn’t finish the new Dark Riders and Worlocks. The new models proved much more complex and awkward to paint than I’d expected. Great Wing is still WIP, rather than rush it and bodge it I decided to hold back and do it properly.

So I’ve missed the target, why ?

  • A combination of highly detailed figures demanding more to achieve paint jobs that show the figures off properly
  • The few days with good natural light, were Xmas and Boxing day…when I was with my family and not able to paint..I figured it would be a social faux pas to sit at the dinner table painting whilst eating.
  • Clawed is unwell and had to be taken to the vets twice, requiring me acquire the cat, stuff him in cat carry case and get to the vets (its not looking good)
  • The Builders, tilers, and suppliers are squabbling about who is to blame for the floor in the kitchen/utility/WC breaking up after a few weeks – they need a lot of supervision.

The excitement and tension is palpable to the felines….

On the upside:

  • JP & I hosted two AVBCW Big Games
  • I hosted a Back of Beyond Big Game, and even managed to get in my third BoB game !
  • Rich & I hosted a WHFB tournament event
  • I started flogging off all the figures I’m never going to use
  • …and started painting the BoB figures I am going to use

For this year coming

    • I got my new Alien Sex Fiend t-shirt to wear
    • JP & I are hosting another AVBCW game on March 8th
    • I’ll assemble the gates and stiles I got for Xmas for this and probably acquire yet more hedges
    • The floor in the kitchen/utility/WC WILL get fixed !
    • I’ve been invited by my local GW store manager to pop round for a photo session of the entire Dark Elf army (international fame and fortune beckon)
    • I’ll run another BoB Big Game
    • The Dark Elf army will get finished off at long last this year
    • Which will give me more time for AVBCW and Laserburn
    • Uncle Rich assembled some Shonderwagen for my BoB Germans, which means I’ll have to paint German infantry to go with them.

In the meantime I’ll get rid of this head cold I woke up with, the second within 4 weeks.

WHFB: Xmashammer 2013 – 3 – Day Two

Byakhee Roo, couldn’t make the second day so I stepped in the hustle his remaining beastmen toward the stunties.

The beastmen were jumbled up and constrained in a narrow space. This proved rather important as rather than hitting the enemy with all the units all at the same time, they were fed in piecemeal.

In the middle of the field, the two main Orc regiments were engaged in combat with the stunties.

But their flank was crumbling.

Yup, nearly 40 Rangererers in your face !

The dwarves saw off the orc General, and killed all but the Ogre champion who was locked in a challenge…for the next two turns…holding up the entire unit !

Having defeated Harboth’s, the Dwarf general and his Hammererersers surged forward.

We opted to give the Orcs an additional 500 points of troops (Fyrd, Night Goblins and a stone thrower), and 1000 points to the Dwarves as a stand alone Slayer army from the Storm of Chaos book.

The Black Orcs held out though.

Chaos Trolls waded into the Long Drong Pirate Slayers.

The Dwarf Miners having defeated and run down the Gor Ambushers, then got attached by the Centigors who had finally destroyed the Gyrocopter.

The Chaos Hounds attacked the organ gun, whose crew fought them off !

The Giant pinned the pirate slayers with a flank attack, allowing the Minotaurs to steam in once the Chaos Trolls had been defeated.

The Night Goblins released their fanatics into the Dwarf Longbeards with predictable results, before the Ogre champion finally succumbed.

But the Night Goblins were wiped out by the Hammerers.

At the end of the game (c6pm Sunday) the Dwarves had won. The Beastmen had been constrained due to the scenery and couldn’t get in fast enough, but when they did were very effective. This left the Orcs to take the brunt of the attack. The Gyrocopters caused havoc on the flanks and weren’t picked off quickly enough.

Another enjoyable game !

As oveerseen by the feline controller….