WHFB: Dark Riders (Updated)

Finally ! I finished off the first 5 Dark Riders.

Here they are:

The Kits limit your options as to kit bashing, but they do convey a dynamic (fast) cavalry unit in action. The size of the standard is a bit limiting but not a real problem. Overall, nice models.

I’ve used a dark green cloak to help them fit in with the rest of the army, along with the white rune on the banner.

These will be deployed as a 10 man unit.

The next five are nearing completion, along with 10 Worlocks, a unit of BUF plus command and some hedges. I hope the light levels will be better for my next pictures.


A slightly better picture -I may have a third crack at photographing this lot when the next 5 are done. The light levels are very oblique.

One Response to WHFB: Dark Riders (Updated)

  1. paololluch says:

    Looking good! Would love to see more details.

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