Foiled again

I had hoped to post piccies of the Dark Riders yesterday as they were almost completed.

So at lunchtime I thought I’d better go finish them off and stop surfing the internet.

Moments later the power goes off, and remains that way until the evening.

branches 1

The storm also ripped down some branches from my trees – not the ones scheduled to be trimmed. The power company sent an automated message to the phone (good job I have an old analogue handset as well as the fancy pants digital cordless sets).

So light levels too bad for painting, kicked my heels and did what I could basing and base painting the second set of Dark Riders, the Worlocks and mounted BUF. Pictures to follow shortly. No wonder they didn’t have much in the way of wargames before the C20.

In the meantime:

Chester is believed to be the only cat who has published research in low-temperature physics.

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