RIP: Clawed

Sadly, I had to take Clawed to the vets today as his condition was deteriorating.

clawed 11

He had ceased eating much just before Xmas and lost 1.5Kg weight. Last week the vet after checking him over gave him various injections to re-hydrate him, stimulate his appetite, and general antibiotics. By yesterday he was clearly distressed and crying having lost more weight.

The vet found a lump in his guts, suspecting a fast developing cancer as it had not been there the week previously. She assessed that he would be unlikely to survive surgery to remove it due to his age and current health. He was clearly weak, not focused on what was going on, unable to hold his head up, and so there was really only one way to cease his pain.

I said this blog would not be about everyday events in my personal life, and it won’t be, but the three cats I have have in their own way enlivened some of the games we have and provided comedic pictures/interludes.

Black Jack 03

Not least when talking to your neighbour in her house and BlackJack nonchalantly turns up and enters the neighbours’ house…


Anyway, hopefully Clawed has found a celestial sunbeam for himself.

5 Responses to RIP: Clawed

  1. jp1885 says:

    I’m really sorry to hear that mate. RIP

  2. ruarigh says:

    I’m really sorry to hear this. Our cats are good friends to us (except at 6am when they jump on your head while soaking wet!) and they are sorely missed when they are gone.

    Victor does the same as Blackjack. He dives in through the neighbour’s door when I am talking to them. He also pops round to play with their cats, eat their food and just hang out.

  3. Allan says:

    I live with cats and had to put one of them to rest as well a couple of years ago, so i can relate.
    I´m sorry for your loss.

  4. steven mortimore says:

    Sorry to hear that mate.

  5. Thanks for the replies.
    I keep on looking left as I walk between the kitchen and the study, to the lounge where there is a subeam in the lounge expecting to see a cat sausage…and there isn’t. 😦

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