Laser Board !

As some of the regulars will remember, the kitchen floor was temporarily covered in hardboard sheets. The builders stated they would stuff it all in a skip/bag at the end for disposal, so I persuaded them to simply put it in my garage as I was sure that the Byakhees and I could put it to better use.

Unsurprisingly, I was right, Roo a habitual skip diver, wanted to rescue some and came round tonight with a buzz saw to carve up the 8×4 boards so he could take some to his new house to make into proper game boards.

He’d borrowed a buzz saw with a frickin Lazer beam !

Not quite as good as a shark with a Lazer attached to its head but hey…sharks are an endangered species…

So we carved up the boards I had.

We ended up with 20 4×2 boards, plus a few odd sized ones.

Waste not want not. Roo ended up with enough boards to play with, I ended up with a couple of boards suitable for Laserburn, and I have a stock left over for the rest of the flock.

Sadly, the builders returned today ….

Film: The World’s End

Finally got the third Cornetto trilogy film by Wright/Pegg/Frost on DVD and watched it. I was intrigued as to how they’d play it, and how they managed to work in the main character in full on Goth mode with a Sisters of Mercy t-shirt, which ironically I had bought shortly before the film was launched.

The World's End trailer

Spoiler Alert !

It’s a pub crawl where they realise that all but one of them has moved on from their teenage heyday, and that botht they and their homw town have changed.

On my first watch, I thoroughly enjoyed it up to the ending and the argument between the heroes and The Network. I found it funny that they’d managed to cast another ex James Bond as a villian, and Pierce Brosnan did it well. I’d never noticed Eddie Marsan in anything I’ve watched but he played the haplass Peter well, and Paddy Considine (seen in Hot Fuzz as one of the Andys) was really good.


However, knowing that these guys produce multi-layered films that really bear repeat watching, and seeing as I had a mountain of ironing following the washing machine being reinstated, I watched it again. And again. And then I watched the bonus extras. (And yes, the Sisters t-shirt was in the ironing pile !)


It all fits together.

Whereas Shaun of the Dead is an immediate winner, The World’s End is a slow burner that really comes together.

The final puzzle I didn’t spot until the third viewing was the Cornetto joke – the one convenience food Andy would miss.

Best of all, as well as the Sister t-shirt, they used This Corrosion several times and surprisingly it is on the film sound track CD, something that the Sisters have long resisted:

And when we first started to sort of devise [young Gary’s] look, we had to go to [Sisters frontman] Andrew Eldritch and his marketing team and ask if it was okay. And we heard that, you know, he was actually a fan of our stuff. So it was an absolute treat to hear from my hero.


Simon Pegg: I was very much a goth from sixteen to twenty-one. The big names for me at the time, The Sisters Of Mercy, obviously, were around, Bauhaus, The Cure, The March Violets, that kind of deal.

Though I’ll have to forgive him on the The Cure.

So after a couple of times seeing it I think its a great film. Now I’m going to have to go back, watch all of Spaced, Shaun of the Dead, and Hot Fuzz again. Its a hard life….

AGW: The Denier’s Playbook

Though it is American, it is relevant world wide.

How to manufacture doubt:

  • Deny the Science
  • Question the motives
  • Exaggerate the costs

The Senator points out this consistant pattern on ozone, acid rain and now AGW. The only one he doesn’t mention is the similar range of points that the Tobacco industry used.

WHFB: DE Spruetastic

One iof the new units for Dark Elves are Bleak Swords…basically swordsmen. I spent the last few days finishing off assembling them:

Yes, all thirty of them.

They are the basic core troops and come as a kit with options for swords/spears/RXBs. Fairly basic models with a basic upright stance just changing arms and heads. Most fiddly bit is the crest, thouuh that said IMHO it makes them look better than the old models, and brings them in line with the rest of the current and former ranges. I got through assembling them 10 at a time – don’t try more the glue fumes and sheer boredom will make you make mistakes.

The down side…

You end up with piles and piles of half used sprues.

As I inevitably bought more than I needed, there has been a growing pile of such sprues in the Playroom. Half of them I kept on the off chance I might need some of the spare components…yeah right…

So whilst finishing off the new models I decided to wade through the pile of sprues and systematically cleanse them. Fortunately a new player is on hand to take the left overs. The rest is a waste of plactis, not good for the environment. Again, luckily, I have a council who has a half decent recycling scheme than can cope with nearly all plastic waste, so this pile of sprues will soon be like a dead parrot – no more !