Towards the end of the year…WIP

Finished off the first two tranches of Dark Elves. I was somewhat delayed as I was helping oversee my parents’ transition to an iMac, from their wheezing grindingly slow PC today. The sales engineer and I did enjoy finding all their archaic hardware and trying to make it work with the new h/ware from this side of the renaissance.

Anyhow – The back rank of the Ladies of Spears:

In the latest edition of WHFB, larger units are the order of the day, so having bought some plastic kits about6-8 months ago finished them off. An all female unit of spearmen. Gold shoulder pads and breast plates distinguish them from the other 40 spearmen.

I then created a new standard bearer for them, using the new standard and transfer. the painting is to wargaming standard, as most of these figures are destined for the back ranks of units, thus being hidden and removed as casualties first. So basic coat of paint, wash and simple highlights only.

In youthful (!) enthusiasm, I had made too many RXB men with the RXBs facing forward, which means they don’t rank up. So I did another 10 of them…very boring…

Just as well I have other things WIP, such as great wing. Lighting is not good, but all the base colour paint, and wash is now done. I hope to both Greatwing and his rider ready for Xmashammer (28/29th), in which I as the host may get to play.

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