A race to the end (of the year)

Following the last couple of months that have been terrible due to the ongoing building works, I thought I’d update the Painting Log. On opening the file I found I had not updated it since June. So I scrabbled around and listed all the stuff I’d done. So far about 790 figures (equivalent) this year, lower than the 900+ I’d done last year.

However, I have a lot of the new Dark Elf plastic figures on the go. Half painted but with Xmashammer (28/29th December) due, a true incentive to finish them off. Should take me to the 900 mark.

And as you can see I’ve been tidying the Playroom, and have a bag of sprues of stuff to assemble. If I can get all the figures built I can clear out another area of space as well. This should mean I finish off (HA!) the Dark Elf army as well as making space and tidying the room up. An extra rank for the Ladies of Spears, and extra rank for the Silver Talons, an extra unit or two of CoK, and so on.

Now all I need to do is paint them… 🙂

Having a painting loog is certainly one way of energising you !!

How do you focus your energy ?

2 Responses to A race to the end (of the year)

  1. paololluch says:

    following! always interested to see Druchii Plogs. 🙂

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