WHFB: Dark Elves vs Lizardmen

We were meant to have a game last w/e, but both Byakhee Jim and I were both out of sorts so we delayed it until today, and it was a quick one (12-4pm), with Jim having to be Captain Decisive.

He’d recently bought some of Rich’s Lizardmen army, so he was able to deploy a large cloud of Skinks as a meat shield (complete with poisoned blow pipes) and two stegadons, a block of saurus warriors plus a tyranosaur.

Plus obligatory salamanders, no doubt aimed at Hydras ( 😉 )

I deployed my rather haphazard army – based on what I had painted, but it seemed fairly good. I still have yet to set up my tag team of a Dreadlord on Manticore with a Beastmaster on Manticore next to each other. But I thought I’d like to see what the horde of Bleak Shards (swordsmen) were like. To make up the PV, I added in a basic Master (hero) with no magic just to bulk them up – Faeygin Cheapsoul.

Well having failed to win first move, Jim’s army managed to make sure the RXB unit ran away, followed by Eric the Khybrdis and Spitty the hydra. Three failed LD tests. Great, nearly 10% of the army gone before my first go ! This sounds familiar. However, I stated this was a game intended to test the new rules. Partly this was my fault in the deployment of the BSB and General. On the upside, his Salamander managed to eat all its handlers and went for the Grr option and crouched there not advancing nor retreating.

Bye bye RXB unit…they knocked off two wounds…

In for a penny, in for a pound, the Warlocks blew themselves up (shame) but were a real menace and the Dark Riders got behind his lines as intended which really disrupted him.

My front line advanced straight at him. Despite the inauspicious start as Jim pointed out, my centre had 3 hard units versus his one unit. By placing his Cold Ones and T-rex on the flank, he had split his army.

My General Redark the Hunter, on Greatwing the Manticore, did a flank charge into his stegadon, and won. We ran the stegadon down and charged into the flank of the skinks that had reversed to try and cope with the Dark Riders (and failed – 36 shots two wounds).

In the centre of the table, his Saurus charged the CoK, and the skinks the Bleakswords.

Neither gambit was good – the skinks were destroyed before they landed a blow – including one of his skink shaman. The Saurus were held. Their BSB was destroyed. This meant that the Bleakswords charged into the Saurus and the Silver Talons flank charged the Saurus the next go.

The Saurus were wiped out. The hero was killed in a challenge by my hero Samartik. The remainder fled and were caught by the CoK

Jim conceded as his centre and flank had been or were about to be trashed. So I had snatched victory from the jaws of defeat. he only had a unit of Saurus on Cold Ones, a stegadon and a Carnosuar all of which were two moves away that could harm me whilst I had swept the rest of the board clean.

Frustatingly for Jim, the terradons failed to appear in this battle.


  • I got my deployment wrong – my BSB and General were too far away from the centre of my army
  • Do not give up even if the first round goes wrong
  • the Dreadlord on Manticore is a VERY potent weapon
  • ASF + Murderous Prowess makes Dark Elf combat units much rougher than before

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  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    Nice to see those lil’ blue guys out on the battlefield where they belong. 🙂

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