Laser Board !

As some of the regulars will remember, the kitchen floor was temporarily covered in hardboard sheets. The builders stated they would stuff it all in a skip/bag at the end for disposal, so I persuaded them to simply put it in my garage as I was sure that the Byakhees and I could put it to better use.

Unsurprisingly, I was right, Roo a habitual skip diver, wanted to rescue some and came round tonight with a buzz saw to carve up the 8×4 boards so he could take some to his new house to make into proper game boards.

He’d borrowed a buzz saw with a frickin Lazer beam !

Not quite as good as a shark with a Lazer attached to its head but hey…sharks are an endangered species…

So we carved up the boards I had.

We ended up with 20 4×2 boards, plus a few odd sized ones.

Waste not want not. Roo ended up with enough boards to play with, I ended up with a couple of boards suitable for Laserburn, and I have a stock left over for the rest of the flock.

Sadly, the builders returned today ….

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