WHFB: The next test of the new Dark Elves

Another day, another game, Byahkhee Rich and I had a game yesterday…3000 points Dark Elves vs Empire. I expressly treated it as an exercise in learning about the new units, in particular the Warlocks that I had assembled and base coat painted.

The Empire set up, lots and lots of k-nig-its.

Compared with my set up of: “let’s try it out”.

His main unit of knights, which he buffed with BSB and various magic spells.

Luck was not his side, as though winning first move, he started rolling a lot of misfires on the artillery dice.

Mt General, Redark the Hunter, mounted on Great Wing the Manticore.

The inevitable feline supervision !

Having botched my set up, and boxed in some units, the artillery hunting fell to my general…an expensive artillery hunter but very effieicent, he destroyed a cannon and distracted the mortars before destroying one and allowing one to go pop in a puff of smoke.

Big and scary, but not good against hippy-gryphs – as discussed afterwards they monsters should have been supported by infantry (or cavalry) units to finish the hippies off, as they lost combat resolution despite dealing out a lot of pain. This allowed the hippies to…

…get into combat with the Warlocks, who did surpisingly well, and last two round before being defeated.


Ten RXBs hold up a unit of cavalry for several rounds much to both of our surprise.

If the dice Gods did not favour the Empire artillery, they also didn’t favour my Leadership tests, with a single casualty the Cold One Knights turn tail and run…again…

Crunch, the knights and the Silver Talons go head to head. The knights win, and I again fail my leadership test and they run away despite the BSB.

Having chewed his way through the artillery, my generalattacks a unit of knights, and defeats them.

More feline intervention.

The CoK, rally, and charge the hippies, and defeat them in combat, making them run away, but curses, whilst I can roll lots of 6s and 5s for Leadership, I can’t do the same in pursuing the enemy !

SWe ended the game at about 8.30pm, with me conceeding. The late burst of success of the CoK and General, would not have offset the other losses and the disruption of my line.


  • My set up was wrong, his was right
  • I boxed in some of my units
  • The Warlocks are GOOD !
  • The combination of ASF and murderous prowess is very rough for the enemy – even RXB units are now not a walk over
  • Hydras and Kharibdryis need support to be effective
  • I need to further hone my General and Heroes’ weapons choices
  • My general was good but really needed to be shoved down my enemies face in support of the main unit
  • Army list – need to think more about that – is it a mobile/cavarly dominated force ?
  • My spell phases were absoloutely and without a doubt lousy, I can roll three ones and a two
  • I can’t rely on his bad luck
  • Cats are a major distraction for me

2 Responses to WHFB: The next test of the new Dark Elves

  1. jwhynacht28 says:

    Some great looking models on both sides there!

  2. Byakhee Rich says:

    Glad you like them! Until the new Dark Elf book came out we were both playing with completely painted armies, but I’m cutting him some slack as he’s so keen to try out the new stuff 🙂

    It was a fun game dominated by bad rolling on both sides. I benefitted a lot more from knowing my army than I suffered for not knowing his, which hampered both sides equally. I put a lot of 1+ Armour Saves on the table, which is bad news for an opponent who leaves all his Great Weapons at home…

    I’m a bit worried that once he gets his Witch Elf Horde and Cauldron assembled an painted stopping this army will be much harder.

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