Post our Paint, and fish licences

An article on TMP caught my attention, the Royal Mail are implementing a new(ish) rule on contents of packages including one that affects us wargamers, artists and so on.

Yes, there will be restrictions on the posting of Acrylic paint within and from Great Britain. Posting alcohol in glass bottles remains ok though. Obviously.

More details are here on TMP.

This is quite frankly nuts. Small containers of water based paint are not a threat. This would prevent us from buying more than one triad of paint from say Foundry in the same package.

Please sign the petition here.

At the time that the GB Government is sponsoring WRAP to reduce the obscene waste and environmentally damaging land fill produced in packaging, the “greenest government ever” is introducing nutty laws that will increase the production of wrapping and packaging waste.

Next my beloved Hailbut, Eric, will need a Fish Licence !

2 Responses to Post our Paint, and fish licences

  1. Stu says:

    absolute madness

  2. Byakhee Rich says:

    How long before someone at Royal Mail tries to blame the EU? I work in the chemicals industry, they have tightened up rules for shipping chemicals but you would be amazed by what you can legally put on a plane (as long as it is properly packed and the paper work is done, of course). Equally, you’d be horrified by what I have seen come out of a Royal Mail parcel!

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