Laserburn: The Weapons Factory

We played the scenario I’d written up: The Weapons Factory.

We built gangs of about 5,000 points and each fielded about 10 men each.

The table, as set up, with the factory in the middle.

We start deployment…

Rich deploys his troops including a sniper on the roof of the building.

I waste three recruits out on the far flank, who made little contribution until they got KO’d in an explosion later…

Feline supervision is needed, apparently !

Turn 2 and the first casualty – Rich’s sniper gets a head shot to my guy Lance – after Lance Henrikson one of only two actors to have been killed by an Alien, Predator, and Terminator.

A firefight ensued across the central open area. My guys caused a fair amount of damage to Rich’s team as I had a heavy bolter and my leader involved, so Rich started lobbing smoke grenades, which we improvised by using cotton wool balls stuck to paper templates.

Rich sent forth his minions.

They got Tobbac’A, before one got killed outright (standing in the open).

But this was evened up, when Rich fired on the dangerous materials loaded onto a truck, that blew up and KO’d my 3 flanking guys.

More smoke grenades were deployed, as after looting the weapons factory, Rich conceeded the game.

He got the weapons, I got the glory (experience points).

A good game and complaimnts about the layout of the rule book aside its still a nifty game that is enjoyable.

Further feline supervision was needed !

More photos are here

3 Responses to Laserburn: The Weapons Factory

  1. ruarigh says:

    Excellent report, and very well umpired by your feline boss. I really need to play more Laserburn.

    • When uploading the photos to photobucket, I noticed I’ve played just one game per year for the last 4 years 😦
      “Could do better:” I think is the phrase used on school reports. As we started dolling out XP this time, I hope we can get another game in this side of Xmas.

      • ruarigh says:

        Looking back through my posts and my play record on BGG, I have half a dozen games of Laserburn/Imperial Commander under my belt since 2008. Definitely a case of ‘could do better’.

        I think a three issue Laserburn mini-series will be the order of the day when I have time to game again. I just need a scenario and three episodes to apply to it. I find that putting together mini-campaigns in this fashion works really well for getting games played, because you get several games in a row played and you get to build up a narrative without getting bogged down in a much larger campaign.

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