Blimpage 3: The View from the Hill

Another good blog to start keeping an eye is Doug Cowie’s site: The View from the Hill.

Doug is the proprieter of eM-4 Miniatures, and I first met him for a skirmish game of Back of Beyond using “A Good Day to Die” rules. He subsequently moved away from Hereford and other than the occasional exchange at games shows I didn’t have the chance to get another game in. Well until Colours 2013 when I picked up the farm from him and mentioned our planned game.

He contacted me the next day, and then spent the rest of the month preparing his own force based in the south west corner of Herefordshire and along the Golden Valley. Seems he’s well and truely got bitten by the AVBCW bug and his blog is now starting to build up a good bank of material. Go and take a look. 🙂

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