AVBCW: Of Men & Mice

Of Men

In support of my LDV, and probably very useful for a new faction I am going to work on, here is the LDV section I found and finished painting this week:

Details of the new faction are here, which I’ll expand on, including where the picture and name of the character came from.

All the figures are by Musketeer and feature more Workers Militia and Bandits than my other LDV units.

Of Mice

I hear the pitiful cries of Black Jack outside the front door and let him in, somehow he is able to meow whilst holding a new friend in his mouth, he drops new friend, and new friend heads for cover.

Several hours later after BlackJack losing him, the new friend re-appears.

Clawed moves in for 45 minutes waiting for the mouse to come out to play…

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