WHFB: Throw it on the table II

So continuing the game, I dealt with the Wolf Riders which allowed a unit of 30 Spearmen to move towards the Orcs on my right hand flank.

They would have the support of the Dark Riders and a mounted Sorceress.

The Corsairs got a narrow escape from the Empire steam tank, as both they and the tank steamed into the centre of the battlefield.

Hmm, now where do I place this mighty large template over this mighty large unit of Black Orcs ?

The left flank got wiped out by a unit of demi-gryph knights – 10 RXBs, and as you can see the hapless RBT crew.

Back on my right flank, the spearmen and Dark Riders clashed with another unit of demi-gryph knights…these guys are surprisingly tough as they come packing a lot of armour.

In the centre of the table, the Black Orcs (Eeza Ugezod’s) pushed forward and were met with the new Cauldron of Blood and new swordsmen. The Black Orcs won as they were simply better and outnumbered the swordsmen thus breaking my centre.

On my right flank things went better, seeing off the demi-gryph knights.

Overall it was not good.

Bolt throwers had killed my Dreadlord atop the Manticore, but that didn’t stop the Manticore, who swooped in to deal with a unit of Orc arrer boyz, but didn’t kill them all, and due to the Orc General’s presence behind them didn’t even make them break !
(NB: note the difference in size…the Orc General is mounted on the 1984 Tony Ackland Manticore…such is scale creep!)

And ironically, the sole remaining Orc was painted by me as a present to Gav !

Executioners, execute the Orc bolt thrower crew having come off worse in shooting and magic rounds.

But the centre cannot hold…

The Black Guard shore up the left flank seeing off the second unit of demi-gryphs.

But even having turned the right flank, shored up the left, there was no way I had to break the centre held by the Black Orcs and the massed Empire ranks.

Foiled again !

Rebuilding part of Carcosa !

No new updates for a few days, and there’s a good reason.

A couple of months ago (!) I posted about insurance and protecting your work from damage. Good job I had insurance. The boiler had been leaking, causing it to sink through the floor.

Finally the builders turned up at 24 hours notice on Wednesday to start work. Cue manic clearing of the utility room during Tuesday PM.

Inevitably they found it was worse than expected, and that there was a second water leak off the washing machine, so the entire utility room was going to be dismantled. All the tiles were ripped up and temporary flooring laid.

The boiler came out today, after a lot of aggro apparently.

The kitchen now contains the contents of the utility room that is now gutted.

As it slowly sank through the floor, the boiler obviously stressed the oil connections, and oil leaked into the sub-flooring destroying the underfloor (expanded polystyrene) insulation.

So, the builders have said they cannot relay the floor as planned today/tomorrow – just storing up trouble for the future. So dehumidifiers have been ordered in. Yours truely on the phone to the loss adjustors and insurance company after finding left and right hand don’t know what’s going on – if the dehumidifiers can run over the w/e, I might get the floor and boiler reinstalled early next week. Good job I have a wood stove and powershowers for some bathing water and heating !

So, somewhat distracted from painting and gaming. 😦

And of course the Cats aren’t happy as I’ve had to move their food bowls and litter trays…

WHFB: Throw it on the table I

Ok, new DE Army book, lots of scheming but no actual effort to build a balanced army due to other events, so Saturday morning comes and I have to tidy and clean a house and then build an army. I have no idea what I am doing but there are some cool new models I have just bought. So I threw some models and an army at my opponents. So this is not what you would call a balanced army.

My DE army line….yes lots of monsters and several half painted items, plus a unit I made my mate Rich build for me whilst I did up the army spreadsheet – how shameful is that ? X-o

A large amount of Empire weaponry – hell blasters, cannons and mortars, ouch !

Well ok, I had a made up army, and this was a good dice roll (mine are the gem dice), but everything went downhill after this.

I’d taken the new monster the Kharibdyss plus two Hydras with both options. Shirley one would get into combat ?

No, due to excellent dice rolls by my opponents, and a complete LD melt down by me, the two Hydras were killed and oh look that dust trail was my Cold One Knights with the Supreme Sorceress because they failed their Ld test twice (6+6, and 6+5)…adios 1500 points out of 5000 points in their first round before I have even started. Fair enough a Cold One chariot also got toasted…

This is where my CoK were, right in the centre of my army line. Obviously losing this amount of your army is debilitating and as it was only 2pm, this might have cramped my style, but I decided to fight on….

Of Cats, Pizzas and Manticores

Yesterday the Byakhees and I held a game of WHFB, and I’m editting the pictures.

Yes the real reason In ought and flocked my battle boards was so that they could become Cat beds…

A traffic light pizza – red yellow and green. Yup an augmented pizzza with red yellow and green peppers added. As called by Rich & Gavin. Yesterday’s none to healthy sustenance.

Rich gave me a surprise present…I’d left a DE Manticore with him with a request that he did something different with it so it wasn’t the the same pose…he obviously treated this as a challenge, and came up with a Manticore leaping from a ruined HE standing stone.

Its a big beast literally as you can see – BlackJack is a (psychotic) hefty cat (and an emissary of Satan) that many dogs would be scared of. The Manticore is the DE Manticore body with HE Dragon wings and the tail of an old Citadel Great Spined Dragon. Rich said he has a load of photos of the WIP, that he had not posted for fear of me finding out this item was in progress. The rider is detachable, and has arms with magnets so I can swap the sword for a lance, the shield for an RXB etc. Neat. A very unsuspected present.

Photos of the game are to follow.

WHFB: Dark Elf Core troops

So in support of the new Dark Elf (DE) book, GW have produced a whole new boxed set of DE Core troops that cover the spearmen, swordsmen and RXBs.

When they released the last book they produced Corsairs, great models but much bigger than the DE Spearmen then in production. I was therefore a bit concerned that the latest wave of plastic releases would similarly be bigger and incompatible with the old spearmen – and when you’ve painted up 90+ of them you aren’t likely to easily shift and buy another 90+ models and paint them !

So I got a single packet – and as you can see, the scale difference is noticeable. The new models are nicer aesthetically, they are taller, thinners and better defined so in terms of quality nothing to complain about – they’re actually better. But in units, they won’t fit easily. My local GW manager suggested the new ones as the front rank, and the old ones as the back ranks, which might work.

The plastic frames have a lot of parts, but then they are now able to make 3 different units.

The previous models had separate legs, torsos and heads, the new ones come as one (except for one out of to which has a different set of head options). Is this good ? Yes, these are the core troops that you will need to field in tens if not hundreds, so the tedium of building the basic model which really does not change position is very useful. As a model maker, its annoying, I can easily take a hack saw to them if need be.

Due to this scale creep, I’ll be biding my time and seeing how they build up and paint out before committing to any large scale purchase.

Of course, scale creep is nothing new:

From left to right:

  • Mengil Manhide Trooper c1983, Perry twins
  • MM Trooper, c1985, Bob Nisimith
  • MM Trooper, c2005, Chris Fitzpatrick

Yup, you can see the growth in 25 > 28 > heroic scale 28mm…

You can get away with some of the older models being in discrete units next to the modern equivalents.

Luckily, the new DE army book re-introduced swordsmen as a discrete unit, so these new plastic models will be used in their own unit.

A second visit to GW today resulted in another purchase…

WHFB: Dark Elves new Army Book

The latest Dark Elves book lands:

£30, so not to be sneezed at, I think it needs a bit more editting but in and of itself is a nice book with good production values. Its the fourth Dark Elf Army book now:

Yup, got the lot.

Key differences are, in no particular order:

No Eternal Hatred for the Dark Elves by default. Only Black Guard and a few others and its even worse than it was before, like every round of close combat…

Hurrah I hear all my opponents cry….

Oh dear, but we do get Always Strike First like other Elves, and then we have Murderous Prowess, which means we get to re-roll all To Wound rolls of 1 when making close combat rolls. Every round. Hmm, now where were those Executioners with Killing Blow ?

Assassins are now proper characters (heroes) again…well whoopy do pass the ammunition and the rubber swords.

Interestingly, the mounts of the heroes/Lords now confer on their riders their special rules such as Fast Cavalry, so that unit of Dark Riders I’d planned with a Sorceress I’d laboriously converted is now possible. The WHFB Errata confirm this.

Sorceresses can use any of the eight lores of magic which is interesting so yes light and so on are now within our remit. Oh and Dark Magic is interesting especially with that special quirk when we roll any doubles…

Warriors are more expensive, no surprise there. But at least we now get the simple bloke with sword and shield option ! Doomfire Warlocks are a new option as Fast Cavalry, and Shades get to have command squads which will be interesting. COK are more expensive, meh. Black Guard, owwww…..Executioners as commented previously are going to be lethal….

Sisters of Slaughter, the ref is out on them so far, could be the nightmare of the enemy, or an easily killed unit. Should be good against massed ranks (which they ignore in combat resolution). CoB are different better and worse so not nerfed. I am not convinced by the model. A new unit – Bloodwrack and their Shrines, the fluff as presented is wafer thin but having all the old stuff there is abundant evidence of a Gorgon in the back story of the Dark Elves.

Now that’s enough, as I don’t want to spoil the surprise for the rest of the Byakhees later on this month…suffice to say the new book will disrupt their ideas of what my army is like which is something a lot of us had concluded was a bit too predictable….

Historical Architectural Accuracy

As scenery boy I like to get the scenery right, and sometimes this means getting the historical architecture right. There’s no point in having buildings that aren’t actually right.

Some time ago I went to the Weald & Downland museum of buildings, which features lots of medieval buildings. I purchased the guide book and it has become really useful to me ever since. The museum has acquired and rebuilt lots of buildings from the medieval period in their natural or original state. Quite an experience if you can go there I recommend it.

Another dry as dust book – but essential to understanding the construction and appearance of buildings. This one comes with loads of useful floor plans and reliefs that can help ypu scratch build accurate buildings.

Both books also provide a lot of information about the lifestyle of people across the ages which again is invaluable to wargamers. I often comment that many wargames tables lack outbuildings, sheds and so on. We often forget that there is a need for shelters for animals, tools, equipment and even simple log shelters.

Two that almost got away

Two extra pieces of scenery I painted up for the games last w/e:

The Perry/Renadra cottage. Nice little plastic kit.

A basic cruck framed cottage, the doors are separate and can be left open/closed. You can still see many of these in my locale, even if they are buried under lots of subsequent modifications. A good example is in Ledbury on the Home End at the junction near Tescos/the garage.

The roof has a separate ridge line, which with a bit of careful planning means you can make the roof detachable. I didn’t have time or inclination to detail the interior, but at least this means you can place figures in the building which is always handy.

A stable block by Warbases, very simple kit. Roof done with their tiling sheets.

Two loose boxes and a tack room, stable doors can be open/shut. Much like of the cottage’s base, I used the paving slab paper I got some time ago.

Two nice little buildings to liven up rural terrain.

AVBCW: The Bridge Over the River Wye AAR V

The Anglicans surge out of the farm on the Foy table.

The South African Royalists move to shore up their flank after veing devastated by the massed SMG fire by the Welsh Gangsters.

The Royalists move up more lackeys to fend off the Anglicans’ attempts to force the bridge – as the Anglican’s fume impotently on the other side unable to bring up their tank (T26).

The last charge fails as the bren gun carrier is knocked out.

The Welsh Gangsters form a firing line and fend of the South African Royalists

…who peg it out the back door of the cottage, leaving half of Strangford and the roads out, in the hands of the Anglicans and their allies thus cutting them off from the rest of the county !

Hand to hand combat ! Anglicans defeat the BUF and drive them off.

The WI, and Morris Men arrive to further secure Strangford for the Anglicans.

So, by the ned of the day, the Royalists and BUF were cut off. The bridge over the Wye rendered useless and the Anglicans resurgent holding the exits and half of Strangford.

Will the Baron of Foy dare pick up the newly installed telephone and ask for assistance ?