More Zombies !

World War Z allegedly based on Max Brooks’ book of the same title.

It’s not.

Its an average film. It’s a series of set pieces hung together with a wafer thin plot that references Brooks’ ideas. Brad Pitts’ character is barely defined, as is his family background which is barely emotive. The plot leaves out huge chunks and its only if you have read the book do you understand it.

If he doesn’t go on the mission, then his family get kicked off the USN ship (nice). His background is alluded to but not played out. His boss the UN guy is barely described let alone fleshed out. Having read the book, its frustrating that none of this background is described even in deux ex machina style.

The zombies and the plague are incoherently described, and for one reason or another Brad’s character (I can’t even remember the names after watching it twice in as many nights) ends up in Wales with an injured Israeli conscript – fair do-s the Israeli section is well explained and much in keeping with the book.

This section of the film is good and coherent, even if somewhat mundane when compared to The Walking Dead, much better edited and explained and brings the film to a better conclusion than could have been anticipated from the previous hour of grandiose but incoherent set pieces.

Tighter editing and writing would have served this film better. A so-so film that holds promise. If there is a sequel as is mentioned, they could do with a better editor.

For the idiots, here’s a critique of The Walking Dead, spot what is wrong with it.

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  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    Saw the film a few weeks ago, it is as disappointing as I expected given the excellent source material. The number of near-death scrapes and physical traumas the lead characters survive would make the script writers of “24” shake their heads in disbelief! The portrayal of the Zombies is very good – here they are driven to superhuman speed and strength and self-destruction by the zombie virus.which they carry, and which has no “use” for them beyond biting the next victim and allowing it to spread. A shame then that the viewer is left to make this interpretation for himself.

    Max Brooks’ book is effectively a series of short stories, with a variety of pace and tone, and would have made a nice TV series or perhaps a brace or trilogy of films. It’s a shame he had neither clout nor confidence to keep more control of his material, rather than letting Hollywood slap his book title on their latest by-the-numbers vehicle. Still, the likes of Marvel and DC spent decades taking the money and running, so how can one man stand up to a studio with a fat cheque?

    If by any chance you saw the film but haven’t read the book, forget all you have seen and give it a read. It’s a good effort and I hope he’s got more ideas to keep writing, whether about Zombies or anything else.

  2. Byakhee Rich says:

    Here’s how the film should have gone…

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