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Again Science’s editorial comes up trumps with a very interesting set of comments and link to a new site they have created.

For a nation to take optimum advantage of what science has to offer, it is imperative that its citizens understand how scientists make judgements and gain confidence in the scientific approach…

A quick scan of the denialists’ comments and you can quickly realise they really haven’t a clue about how science works.
No idea about the research process, the peer review process nor how scientific consensus works.

Experience demonstrates that myths can very easily spread when a population lacks a solid understanding of how scientific knowledge is generated. At both the individual and community levels, this lack of appreciation can lead to important decisions being made that are not based on science but on what might be called “magical thinking”.

This is why climate change deniers claim it is due to natural climate change, the magical element that all climate scientists have missed for several decades is never identified.

Which is why this initiative is great.

SitC has been designed to help every educated person attain an understanding of the nature of scientific understanding by reading at least one scientific paper before he or she completes school.

Scientific papers are the hard end of science and contain far more Evidence(TM) in terms of real data and thorough analysis than ever reaches school text books.

Here’s the link to Science in the Classroom

Read it, and learn why the magical pink unicorn does not exist, that AGW is real,that there is no viable alternative to the theory of AGW.

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