Generic markers

Byakhee JP and I are having a game of AVBCW on Saturday using Chain of Command at his place due to the chaos in Carcosa. I asked what I needed to bring and he commented:

micro dice or suitable small tokens

This is not the first game system that uses markers to indicate “shock”, “disorder” or similar morale effects.

So whilst buying the most expensive light bulbs known to man, I popped into Hobbycraft and headed for their jewellry section.

These items seem small enough to be non-intrusive on the table top, but large enough to handle. I got about 50 of the black and the red for £7 which should be ample for most games.

I got the two colours in case there were two types of status that we needed to cover, and or to cope with two players if they were to be used for any other purposes say such as action or order markers.

We’ll see how they go on Saturday. 🙂

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