Rebuilding part of Carcosa !

No new updates for a few days, and there’s a good reason.

A couple of months ago (!) I posted about insurance and protecting your work from damage. Good job I had insurance. The boiler had been leaking, causing it to sink through the floor.

Finally the builders turned up at 24 hours notice on Wednesday to start work. Cue manic clearing of the utility room during Tuesday PM.

Inevitably they found it was worse than expected, and that there was a second water leak off the washing machine, so the entire utility room was going to be dismantled. All the tiles were ripped up and temporary flooring laid.

The boiler came out today, after a lot of aggro apparently.

The kitchen now contains the contents of the utility room that is now gutted.

As it slowly sank through the floor, the boiler obviously stressed the oil connections, and oil leaked into the sub-flooring destroying the underfloor (expanded polystyrene) insulation.

So, the builders have said they cannot relay the floor as planned today/tomorrow – just storing up trouble for the future. So dehumidifiers have been ordered in. Yours truely on the phone to the loss adjustors and insurance company after finding left and right hand don’t know what’s going on – if the dehumidifiers can run over the w/e, I might get the floor and boiler reinstalled early next week. Good job I have a wood stove and powershowers for some bathing water and heating !

So, somewhat distracted from painting and gaming. 😦

And of course the Cats aren’t happy as I’ve had to move their food bowls and litter trays…

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