WHFB: Throw it on the table I

Ok, new DE Army book, lots of scheming but no actual effort to build a balanced army due to other events, so Saturday morning comes and I have to tidy and clean a house and then build an army. I have no idea what I am doing but there are some cool new models I have just bought. So I threw some models and an army at my opponents. So this is not what you would call a balanced army.

My DE army line….yes lots of monsters and several half painted items, plus a unit I made my mate Rich build for me whilst I did up the army spreadsheet – how shameful is that ? X-o

A large amount of Empire weaponry – hell blasters, cannons and mortars, ouch !

Well ok, I had a made up army, and this was a good dice roll (mine are the gem dice), but everything went downhill after this.

I’d taken the new monster the Kharibdyss plus two Hydras with both options. Shirley one would get into combat ?

No, due to excellent dice rolls by my opponents, and a complete LD melt down by me, the two Hydras were killed and oh look that dust trail was my Cold One Knights with the Supreme Sorceress because they failed their Ld test twice (6+6, and 6+5)…adios 1500 points out of 5000 points in their first round before I have even started. Fair enough a Cold One chariot also got toasted…

This is where my CoK were, right in the centre of my army line. Obviously losing this amount of your army is debilitating and as it was only 2pm, this might have cramped my style, but I decided to fight on….

One Response to WHFB: Throw it on the table I

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    There were an awful lot of important double 6s rolled in this game!

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