Of Cats, Pizzas and Manticores

Yesterday the Byakhees and I held a game of WHFB, and I’m editting the pictures.

Yes the real reason In ought and flocked my battle boards was so that they could become Cat beds…

A traffic light pizza – red yellow and green. Yup an augmented pizzza with red yellow and green peppers added. As called by Rich & Gavin. Yesterday’s none to healthy sustenance.

Rich gave me a surprise present…I’d left a DE Manticore with him with a request that he did something different with it so it wasn’t the the same pose…he obviously treated this as a challenge, and came up with a Manticore leaping from a ruined HE standing stone.

Its a big beast literally as you can see – BlackJack is a (psychotic) hefty cat (and an emissary of Satan) that many dogs would be scared of. The Manticore is the DE Manticore body with HE Dragon wings and the tail of an old Citadel Great Spined Dragon. Rich said he has a load of photos of the WIP, that he had not posted for fear of me finding out this item was in progress. The rider is detachable, and has arms with magnets so I can swap the sword for a lance, the shield for an RXB etc. Neat. A very unsuspected present.

Photos of the game are to follow.

4 Responses to Of Cats, Pizzas and Manticores

  1. Roughage says:

    So, how do you rate your Devil’s Henchbeast as terrain? Impassable obstacle? Is there a roll to see if he randomly attacks anything that comes near him? What rules do you use to determine how to deal with dice that he swipes when they roll in his vicinity?

    • Any model knocked over by BlackJack (Satan’s emmisary on Earth) is dead, with no armour or ward saves allowed. My neighbours have called him a ‘witch’s cat’, probably because he wqs shouting at us across the road, and he was louder than our conversation….

      As he has also attacked the answer phone, there are no exceptions.

  2. Neil Williams says:

    I saw the Manticore on Friday, looks fantastic.
    Will look even better once painted.

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