WHFB: Dark Elf Core troops

So in support of the new Dark Elf (DE) book, GW have produced a whole new boxed set of DE Core troops that cover the spearmen, swordsmen and RXBs.

When they released the last book they produced Corsairs, great models but much bigger than the DE Spearmen then in production. I was therefore a bit concerned that the latest wave of plastic releases would similarly be bigger and incompatible with the old spearmen – and when you’ve painted up 90+ of them you aren’t likely to easily shift and buy another 90+ models and paint them !

So I got a single packet – and as you can see, the scale difference is noticeable. The new models are nicer aesthetically, they are taller, thinners and better defined so in terms of quality nothing to complain about – they’re actually better. But in units, they won’t fit easily. My local GW manager suggested the new ones as the front rank, and the old ones as the back ranks, which might work.

The plastic frames have a lot of parts, but then they are now able to make 3 different units.

The previous models had separate legs, torsos and heads, the new ones come as one (except for one out of to which has a different set of head options). Is this good ? Yes, these are the core troops that you will need to field in tens if not hundreds, so the tedium of building the basic model which really does not change position is very useful. As a model maker, its annoying, I can easily take a hack saw to them if need be.

Due to this scale creep, I’ll be biding my time and seeing how they build up and paint out before committing to any large scale purchase.

Of course, scale creep is nothing new:

From left to right:

  • Mengil Manhide Trooper c1983, Perry twins
  • MM Trooper, c1985, Bob Nisimith
  • MM Trooper, c2005, Chris Fitzpatrick

Yup, you can see the growth in 25 > 28 > heroic scale 28mm…

You can get away with some of the older models being in discrete units next to the modern equivalents.

Luckily, the new DE army book re-introduced swordsmen as a discrete unit, so these new plastic models will be used in their own unit.

A second visit to GW today resulted in another purchase…

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