Two that almost got away

Two extra pieces of scenery I painted up for the games last w/e:

The Perry/Renadra cottage. Nice little plastic kit.

A basic cruck framed cottage, the doors are separate and can be left open/closed. You can still see many of these in my locale, even if they are buried under lots of subsequent modifications. A good example is in Ledbury on the Home End at the junction near Tescos/the garage.

The roof has a separate ridge line, which with a bit of careful planning means you can make the roof detachable. I didn’t have time or inclination to detail the interior, but at least this means you can place figures in the building which is always handy.

A stable block by Warbases, very simple kit. Roof done with their tiling sheets.

Two loose boxes and a tack room, stable doors can be open/shut. Much like of the cottage’s base, I used the paving slab paper I got some time ago.

Two nice little buildings to liven up rural terrain.

One Response to Two that almost got away

  1. I have the Warbase barn and it is great and I have been looking at the cottage and that is a must to get

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