AVBCW: The Bridge Over the River Wye AAR V

The Anglicans surge out of the farm on the Foy table.

The South African Royalists move to shore up their flank after veing devastated by the massed SMG fire by the Welsh Gangsters.

The Royalists move up more lackeys to fend off the Anglicans’ attempts to force the bridge – as the Anglican’s fume impotently on the other side unable to bring up their tank (T26).

The last charge fails as the bren gun carrier is knocked out.

The Welsh Gangsters form a firing line and fend of the South African Royalists

…who peg it out the back door of the cottage, leaving half of Strangford and the roads out, in the hands of the Anglicans and their allies thus cutting them off from the rest of the county !

Hand to hand combat ! Anglicans defeat the BUF and drive them off.

The WI, and Morris Men arrive to further secure Strangford for the Anglicans.

So, by the ned of the day, the Royalists and BUF were cut off. The bridge over the Wye rendered useless and the Anglicans resurgent holding the exits and half of Strangford.

Will the Baron of Foy dare pick up the newly installed telephone and ask for assistance ?

One Response to AVBCW: The Bridge Over the River Wye AAR V

  1. Byakhee Rich says:

    A real shame I missed this (though having my absence reported in the newspapers was a nice compensation). It looks like another great scenario, if not another resounding victory for the King’s men. No doubt Captain Arrowsmith will be expected to sort this situation out in a future game…

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