A Paragon of unfettered Joy & Enthusiasm

Now, please post me your enthusiasm for flooring tiles:

Yes, that was today’s mission. Are you enthused by any of the tiles ?
I have until Monday to be enthused.
The builders are negotiating corporate discounts for the middle one which is the best of, well a poor choice.

Good job I had a few other things to do like publish the fluff for The Bridge Over the River Wye.

The latest Perry building (a medieval cottage) is ongoing and I have managed to make the roof detachable.

More entertaining Spam: Recently received:

Diseases: Diseases are an integral part of the human life stage.

Ok, all sites get spam trying to promote products and services, but what was that about ?

AVBCW: Ramshackle Barn – 2

Ok, so the barn is assembeld and undecoated. Now its base coated with Foundry Bay Brown. And some GW green wash in corners and other places.

And the base is flocked with two types of covering – one for the tracks to the doorways, and then the standard basing.

Oops, the dry brushing with Foundry Granite Light, went a bit wrong on this corner.

Fixed with a wash of green and brown…

The finished barn.

For about four hours work over two days a decent outcome.

I kept it nice and simple – I didn’t use the accessories, nor any of the ivy I could have, simply so I could get this one done and dusted in such a short time. KISS: Keep It Simple, keep it Stupid !

AVBCW: Ramshackle Barn – 1

Acquired today were some milk chruns and a Ramshackle barn kit:

Both were acquired in preparation for the latest AVBCW Big Game I am planning with JP later this month.The ramshackle barn is a plastic kit from the Perrys/Renedra and will do me for AVBCW, BoB, WHFB and AWI (the sleeper project). A very simple kit.

As t is plastic, I immediately decided to put it on a base, so I used the usual artists’ mounting card, and measured out a base large enough for the barn plus 30mm all round, and 60mm at the front. This means that I can move figures on 25mm bases around the building even if I have surrounded it with hedges/fences/something. I also rounded off the edges as square card edges always start getting damaged and fray something chronic. And look crap.

Painted the base immediately, and also undercoated the underside to prevent the card from warping too much.
The lean to was assembled after the main barn had been assembled and undercoated.

Its already been base coated with Foundry Bay Brown in prparation for tomorrow’s highlighting and general abuse.

It took less than an hour to do – ok it was spread out through the day whilst the gardeners gave me reasons to go to the tip twice with four builders bags of hedge clippings, and the project manager from the builders came and sized up my ever expanding boiler wreck project (he’s expecting more damage to be found).

I hope to complete this tomorrow as a mini project.


I got the latest Judge Dredd film on DVD starring Karl Urban. Not an actor I can say I am a fan of. Except in this film he came out very well.

Having never really got into Judge Dredd, but having read a fair amount whilst delivering newspapers, I knew Dredd was the monosyllabic quasi-fascist law giver in Mega-City 1. I’d seen the Stallone version in the 90’s and been unimpressed.  This version of Dredd is however much better.  So from a low starting point, I watched it on DVD (not 3-D) and liked it a lot.

Karl Urban played the character down to a T. The helmet never came off, all you got was a stompy Judge, with a stubbly chin dispensing justice with one liners.

Just as it should be.

The plot, such as it was, surficed to give Dredd and rookie Judge Anderson enough meat (literally) to get their teeth into. Both Dredd and Anderson were well played by the actors, as was Ma-Ma and her main acolytes. The irony and bitterness of Mega-City-1 were believable

The plot plays out well with a good range of surprises, and a reasonable level of violence – as in its not violence for violence’s sake necessarily. the conclusion is good and totally in keeping with Dredd’s character.

The film was not a great success at the box office, apparently the rebel colonists don’t know about Dredd, but has been a success on DVD, and Karl Urban is promoting it with a view for a sequel. Not a usual Dredd fan I would certainly recommend it (not for the faint hearted) and would welcome more films like this with its gritty violence.

I thought I was slightly OTT when it came to making sure my wargames tables were clear of extraneous rubbish. I was wrong.

Meat wagon inbound, and ready the iso-cubes the next time someone leaves cr@p on my wargames table.

Citizen, your crimes include multiple cases of rubbish on the wargames table, including dice left unattended, rulers, templates and rule books. Defence Noted.