Pirates !

Avast ye bilge rats, it’s International Talk Like A Pirate Day !

So get talking the lingo, or I’ll keelhaul you all.

The Official Site is here.

In the mean time here are some pirates I painted about 12 years ago. Mostly Foundry sculpted by Will Hannah:

The Captain and First Mates.

The crew, these figures I used for a Mordheim gang. The old Town Cryer magazine had alternate warband rules including some Pirate rules.

Knife thrower, seivel gun, and one of the original Citadel priates by the Perry twins (most of the set are now sold via Foundry).

Some ladies. And according to historical sources, may often have gone for the Page 3 look in battle to denote their gender !

Painted in reds and yellows, so quite different from my usual fare, and at the beginning of getting back into painting figures so a bit crude by my current standardds, but certainly good enough to field today.

A useful guide from Osprey.

Now I’m off for a bit to listen to Ramming Speed by the March Violets, a gothic sea shanty.

AVBCW: Pastoral Scenery

In prparation for the 28th, I’ve been doing some more scenery. More hedges, stiles and gates:

Gate, stile and shed by Warbases.

Whilst putting together yet more stuff, JP and I have been advising some of the new players on how to put together their forces and write up their background. Here’s a suggestion (NB: non-PC):

Jimmy’s charatcer was expanded in the obscure “Fairly Secret Army” that ran on the BBC for two series in the mid 1980’s.

Hedge on the left is K&M, middle one is a Warbases stile with an unknown hedge section from Hereford Model Centre, and the one of the right is from Products for Wargamers.

Bit of a cock-up on the marketing front*

I bought some hedges at Colours 2013 from K&M which is a subsidiary of PECO the model railway company.

I’ve known about PECO for many many years as my father is a model railway enthusiast, and they’re a relatively big company not far off the size of Hornby et al. So I wasn’t surprised when I was handed a glossy 4 page A4 flier plus current price list at the show.

What did surprise me was when I went to order some more of the hedges yesterday, was that the web address listed lead me to a web site with NO WEBSTORE.

Shurely shome mishtake ?

The contact details were equally opaque, and it was only when I got through to a human being, that I found that there was a web store, its at: http://www.pecopublications.co.uk/shophtml

The member of staff was most apologetic and confirmed I wasn’t the only one to have reported this obvious fault in how they market their goods.

So please companies, KISS, have a single web front end that leads to all of your web sites as us simple stupid punters need a helping hand to part with our money !

At the end of the day it was a success as I have ordered yet more hedges of varying sizes for the 28th ! 🙂

* A play on A bit of a cock up on the catering front from Reggie Perrin:

AGW: The latest Conspiracy Theory

Just when you think the loons amongst the deniers can’t come up with anything more loopier, they do. Here it is from the Grauniad’s Comment is Free section:

17 September 2013 6:39am

Looking for fingerprints regarding the AGW hypothesis I found out the following about the numbers of (lead) authors of IPCC AR5 about GW: 
US: 69; UK 29; Canada 10; Australia 13; New Zealand 3: that makes 124 from the Anglo countries.

Now the others: Germany: 12; France 16; Russia 5; China 18; Japan 9; India 8; Brazil 6: totaling 74.

I didn’t believe in large conspiracies till the Snowden revelations: it looks like the Five (Anglo) Eyes (FVEY) have sown up this AGW campaign as well.

Yes that’s right ! Its all an Anglo-Saxon capitalist plot to…err…ummm…

Oh – the moderators, moderated this loony tune idea after I posted this critique, but let’s explore it further

Hang on, the Greenhouse Gas theory originated properly with Joseph Fourier in 1824, who was French. I guess the English victors of Waterloo had nobbled him….

In 1896, another Anglo Saxon stooge Svante Arrhenius a Swedish scientist weighed in with his theory about greenhouse gasses and his calculations. Obviously these calculations have been carefully hidden for over a century by the Anglo-Saxon countries if indeed they didn’t actually tell him what to write anyway.

So with these basic physics established/perpetrated by non-Anglo-Saxons agents, the conspiracy moved up a gear ! Now the Anglo-Saxons could step into the limelight. Papers were published by Americans such as Douglass (noting tree ring changes), Abbot and British scientists Croll and Callendar. The rest of the world was let down badly by Milankovitch a Serbian (probably from the Red Hand Gang) who let the side down badly and explained many natural climate change events leaving the way open for the AGW crowd to fill in the gaps.

Having established the basics of GHGs, and the potential for climate change, Austrian traitor Hans Seuss must have defected or was co-opted into the Anglo-Saxon conspiracy by becoming American and publicising the issue of Carbon-14 being one of the fingerprints for AGW.

Other than the media hype in the 1970’s the science remained consistent. Now the IPCC was established in 1988, obviously as an Anglo-Saxon plot by the UN which is totally dominated by the commies that want to crush the capitalist economies of the USA, UK and other Anglo-Saxon countries (eh?) by using the AGW plot (eh ? I thought that was controlled by the FVEY!?).

In order for the IPCC to advance this commie agenda, they turned to the prime univserities and climate researchers. Which as listed above belong primarily to the Anglo-Saxon nations. Obviously utilising the enemy within, as all the scientists are commies themselves who only want to gain money and influence via grant funds (eh ?).

In order to provide this veneer of scientific authority they only used the top universities and their researchers to perpetrate this goal of Anglo-Saxon dominance/destruction of Anglo-Saxon ecomonies (delete according to conspiracy theory), and these are listed publicly here with the top 20 dominated by Anglo-Saxon universities with only a token Swiss one as a fig leaf to deflect troof seekers. If AGW was a real example of science, then the IPCC would do a pro-rata politically correct survey of scientific papers by country, coupled with a pro-rata set of reviewers by country, rather than let the Anglo-Saxon Capitalist/Communists remain in charge.

So by using the best and most prolific scientists that are conveniently located in Anglo-Saxon dominated countries, the capitalist Anglo-Saxons have continued the AGW fraud that the communist dominated UN is promoting in order to destroy the Anglo-Saxon capitalist system by using science developed over 150+ years by myriad scientists globally.

Some or all, of the above has been typed in Times Sarcastic Font.
As a conspiracy theory, its as convincing as a piece of Swiss cheese – full of holes.

BoB/RCW: Which way up ?

How embarrassing.

I got a flag the wrong way up – a Russian blogger has spotted I got the flag the wrong way up, which made it a Serbian flag.

A quick rummage and I found the offending standard bearer, and amended it post haste – can’t have blatant historical inaccuraccy !

Here we go, the Russian way up !

Colours 2013 – EM-4 Farm

What was in the box ?

The EM-4 prepainted farm ! I’d arranged to pick this up in a pre-show order. I was surprised at how big and heavy it was so it got carted off to the car straight away, no way was I carrying it round the show.

I eagerly tore the box open on getting home. This is the farm building with small barn. It came in a separate box with moulded expanded polystyrene packing and in which I will probably keep it.

The doors open/shut, the roofs are removable, and even have detail on the underside of the overhang.

The Gatehouse and wall section. As you can see the bricks are all individually picked out and the paint work is superb. All the pieces are made out of solid resin.

The farm cottage, the smallest of the buildings, and still a good size.

Best of all, the buildings have black felt on the undersides so they won’t be slipping or sliding around tables, nor scratching them. A nice little innovation.

The big barn, the steel ruler is a foot long.

The big barn compared to BlackJack, who is a big cat

The other side, with outshot.

The complete farm set from above. Well over a foot square and a centre piece for any gaming board. As all the buildings are separate, it can be used for smaller boardsd, as well as big boards and or skirmish games.

It’s absolutely worth every single penny I spent on it. I would be seriously put to try and scratch build the equivalent for the same price (excluding my own time/cost).

Colours 2013 – Hedging your Escarpments

One surprise this year was that the Colours 2013, had added a second annexe to the main building – yes it had expanded despite the economic downturn.

This is only half of the extra annexe building ! It had a good half dozen or more traders as well as demo games.

I picked up some hedges for the AVBCW game on the 28th:

Main hedges by Products for Wargamers, some additional taller wilder ones by K&M. Quality Control by BlackJack.

I got the former at a discount for picking them up at the show, and the later also for smaller discount. If you can get to shows like Colours than you can pick some really good deals – more to follow.

Now looking at the hedges, all 16 of them you’d think that’d be enough for anybody – NO!

Each are only 6″ long, so you can make a square field 24″ square, so when trying to dress two tables 12×6′ they disappear pretty damn quick, you need far more than this. Luckily I have the extra stuff. Brillo pad hedges can only go so far to answer the call to duty…

Like some hills with escarpments:

Unpainted, this was the tail end of the show and I had run out of cash – never take anything other than a set amount of cash to a wargames show unless you are a millionaire ! I got these three unpainted as a I can easily paint and flock them to mix in with my AVBCW type scenery.

But the best purchase is yet to be detailed…