AVBCW: The Bridge Over the River Wye AAR I

Sir Guy:

“Gentlemen, this will be a glorious day!
Before us we have our enemy, the fascists.
They are foolish.
They are feeble.
They are the whipping dogs of foreign powers.
Well today, we shall whip those dogs.
We shall send them running all the way back to Florence,
with their tails between their legs.
Gentlemen, for God and for England!”


“For God and for England!”


The Farm…Doug Cowie, owner of EM-4 the owner/producer was in attendance and got barracked about taking orders…he could have sold another half dozen easily…as one gent said I would have to clean the drool off of the model…

The escarpment from the Hole-In-The-Wall:

The Bridge:

The main bridge as strengthened by the evil Baron of Foy !

From the west:

The after game Curry & Drinks

Note the empty glasses ! 😉

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