Colours 2013 – Hedging your Escarpments

One surprise this year was that the Colours 2013, had added a second annexe to the main building – yes it had expanded despite the economic downturn.

This is only half of the extra annexe building ! It had a good half dozen or more traders as well as demo games.

I picked up some hedges for the AVBCW game on the 28th:

Main hedges by Products for Wargamers, some additional taller wilder ones by K&M. Quality Control by BlackJack.

I got the former at a discount for picking them up at the show, and the later also for smaller discount. If you can get to shows like Colours than you can pick some really good deals – more to follow.

Now looking at the hedges, all 16 of them you’d think that’d be enough for anybody – NO!

Each are only 6″ long, so you can make a square field 24″ square, so when trying to dress two tables 12×6′ they disappear pretty damn quick, you need far more than this. Luckily I have the extra stuff. Brillo pad hedges can only go so far to answer the call to duty…

Like some hills with escarpments:

Unpainted, this was the tail end of the show and I had run out of cash – never take anything other than a set amount of cash to a wargames show unless you are a millionaire ! I got these three unpainted as a I can easily paint and flock them to mix in with my AVBCW type scenery.

But the best purchase is yet to be detailed…

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