Film: The Man Who Would Be King

I hadn’t seen this film for a good couple of decades so I bought it cheap from Amazon a week ago and watched it.

An excellent film ideal for inspiration for BoB games the wiki article has loads of background on it. Caine and Connery make an excellent lead, with strong support from Saeed Jaffrey et al.

I’ll not spoil the ending, but here’s the trailer:

As stated this was based one on of Kipling’s stories and based on real life adventures during the Great Game in central asia during the tail end of the Victorian and Edwardian period.

Well worth a few quid to get this gem of a film. 🙂

3 Responses to Film: The Man Who Would Be King

  1. Royalrat says:

    I should watch it again. How I miss these films!

    • Yup, I’ve been on a binge to get many ’60’s films because they are so good. By modern standards the SFX and acting my not be great, but they have far better plots and dialogue. Very useful for wargames scenarios and far more enjoyable than violent CGI – fests of the last few years that are very predictable. 🙂

      • Royalrat says:

        And I really love the pace of those films, giving each scene space and time to build and develop. Today many films are chopped and made into video clips.

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