WHFB: Hobgoblins, A short History – Part 1

Citadel produced some Hobgoblins as part of their Fantasy Tribes range, which was basically the D&D Fiend Folio, and as such got canned fairly early on. With their own scultpors and artists on board they came up with their own interpretations, and for Hobgoblins Aly Morrison was the first and foremost sculptor of them producing a boxed set that was twinned with his Samurai figures (later part of the Foundry range):

This was released in one of the “Harry the Hammer” range of boxes that preceeded the Regiment of Renown boxes:

Differentiated only by a sticker on the side:

The contents were held in a plastic custom shaped tray:

…much like the early Regiment of Renown figures were.

There followed the subsequent range of blister packed figures, that included many of the boxed set figures used as ‘dollies’, these were the solid based figures:

There were other variants not shown in the pciture from the Second Citadel Compendium. Some more of these can be seen http://www.collecting-citadel-miniatures.com/wiki/index.php/Hobgoblins_-_C36_(solid_Base).

The slotta based range came next with 20 figures. Some were simply amendments of solid based figures, but about half were entirely new sculpts again by Ali Morrison. These were not available for long.

Nick Lund’s Chronicle Wolf Riders were around longer and IMHO fitted in well with the Hobgoblins in style – more so than the Orcs and even Hobgoblins (infantry) Nick produced.

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