WHFB: Hobgoblins

The first unit of figures I ever assembled was some Citadel C36 Hobgoblins. I’d had some figures before then, Orcs and Dwarves, but they were random purchases. Instead the Hobgoblins mounted up to 30 strong in short order and were even painted (badly) in a cohesive way using Citadel’s Hobgoblin Orange paint ! Luckily for me, no pictures remain of these….I did however keep the figures and for a good few years continue to amass Hobgoblin figures.

Having repeatedly stated that my opposing generals knew my Dark Elves almost as well as I do, I recently decided to start assembling properly my Hobgoblins into an army. As you can see, I have enough figures now !

Infantry, including some bowmen.

Wolf Riders – lots – including Olga Khans mercenaries, the original Nick Lund Orc Wolf Riders that match stylistically with Ali Morrission’s Hobgoblins, and then the later Nick Lund Grenadier wolf riders.

Oh and the Morrison/Copplestone Rocket Launcher and crew.

All of these date from before 1988 during the Golden Age of Citadel, so I’ll do a quick historical run down whilst the glue and undercoat dry out tomorrow and I start to lay brush to metal.

Obviously finding some rules for all these troops has also been an issue…

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  1. Roo says:

    Can see some old classics that I owned many years ago but sadly sold off due to the next fad. Will be truly lovely to see these boys painted up and a joy to engage in some serious slaughter (imaginary) with them..hobgoblin orange…now there was a colour! Cannot wait to see the w.i.p

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