WHFB: 2013 08 19 Dark Elves vs Orcs

Another game of WHFB on Sunday !

Byakhee Gav A and I had a game – 3,200 points each:

We both refused a flank !

Resulting in an almost diagonal battle.

My army remained almost the same from Saturday, and my tactics similarly.
The battlefield had received some feline love, but was mostly unchanged since Rich had laid it out on Saturday. Gav had not been able to prepare his army list beforehand so made it up when he arrived (I have his army on a spreadsheet as he is limited by his actual possessions).

His first move was to charge his wolf riders into my RXB unit, which ran away and was wiped out. His follow up move towards the cauldron of blood was less successful. Whilst he took a gamble and charged the Cold One Chariot that he defeated which ran away before rallying and defeating the wolf riders.

In the meantime my centre moved forward to engage the two huge (40 each) columns of Orcs. And failed their charge rolls twice.Yes, out of SIX charge attempts FIVE FAILED.

They eventually got in…(third round lucky)…

This left the Shades attacking, defeating and running down the Savage Orcs that were protecting the massed ranks of bolt throwers. Having done this, Gav tried zapping the remaining Shades (5) with magic and four bolt throwers, and not killing them. They closed in and the Shades wiped out all but two bolt throwers.

In the centre. the Corsairs, charged into combat alone and whilst casing damage were wiped out, before the Silver Talons moved in and finished the job off. Again Samartik’s combination of armour and magic items proved succesful.

The Cold One Knights finally managed to motivate their mounts and trashed the Black Orcs even though they (the Black Orcs) charged, whilst the Dark Riders and Cold One Chariot ground down the Orc General over several rounds.

A victory for the Dark Elves, but not an overwhelming one, and the dice let me down repeatedly as Gav noticed.

And I am now heartedly sick of Pizzas !

Luckily for me, the local Indian take away had a broken credit/debit card reader yesterday evening, so after all my cards were refused (as were three other peoples’ cards), they let us take home our orders for free !

3 Responses to WHFB: 2013 08 19 Dark Elves vs Orcs

  1. Roo says:

    Doesn’t seem to be many orcs for 3200 points? Must have been well tooled up!

    • Orcs:

      Harboth’s – 40 Big Uns – Lord
      Uga Eezagud’s – 40 Black Orcs – BO Hero
      Savage Orcs – 20
      Wolf Riders – 10
      Notlob’s bolt throwers x 4
      2 x Lvl 2 Shamans
      1 x Lvl 4 Shaman

  2. Roo says:

    Guess that’s why then…tooled up big orcs!

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